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How to start a wildly profitable 6-figure truck dispatching company from scratch - regardless of your previous knowledge or experience

Truck Dispatcher Training will teach you how to start a profitable truck dispatching company and get your first client in 42-Days. You will learn everything from how start your business, dispatch, and find clients.

Join over 400+ students and entrepreneurs like you

Jacob Nash
Jacob Nash
Atlanta, GA
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"The dispatch training course was very well designed. The knowledge acquired through the course allowed me to start my own dispatch company with confidence and now I am dispatching 7 trucks from home. Just WOW!"
Tony Hall
Tony Hall
Jacksonville, FL
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"I am now earning over $12,000 a month dispatching 8 trucks with the help of my spouse. We both took the course and learned everything we needed about how to dispatch, and how to find owner operators to dispatch."
Kayla White
Kayla White
Chicago, IL
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"Not only did I learn how to dispatch trucks form this training course, but I learned so much about sales and how to find owner operators to dispatch. There is too much value in this course. I am now earning $8,000 from home each month."
Brian Watson
Brian Watson
Las Vegas, NV
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"If it wasn't for this course, I would still be working a regular 9-5. I knew nothing about the logistics sector, and learned everything I needed to kick off my own dispatch company and start earning over $5,000 within the first 3 months."

Truck Dispatcher Training

400+ Students

Over 400+ Dispatchers Trained

3 Week Program

Learn Everything Dispatching

7 Day Guarantee

7 Day Money Refund

The All In One Truck Dispatcher Course - Learn Dispatch, Client Attraction, Client Conversion, and More...

Truck Dispatcher Training

How To Dispatch Trucks - From Scratch

This truck dispatcher course will teach you how to dispatch trucks from scratch, regardless of your previous knowledge or experience with truck dispatching. In this dispatcher training course you will learn:

How To Start A Dispatch Company

Not only will you learn how to dispatch trucks, you will learn through a step-by-step process on how to become official and start your truck dispatching company. In this freight dispatcher training course, you will learn:

Truck Dispatcher Course
Dispatch Trucks Training

How To Attract And Convert Your Dispatching Clients

Starting a dispatch company and learning to dispatch trucks is not enough if you want to earn a 6-Figure income. As a Truck Dispatcher, you must know how to talk to potential leads and make them want to work with you. In this truck dispatcher training course, you will learn how to attract and convert potential truckers into paying clients. 

Truck Dispatcher Course

3 Week Online Dispatch Training Overview

The primary purpose of this course is to teach you the skill of dispatching from A to Z and  give you the ability to take a complete stranger to a paying client and help them make more money than they could have if they dispatched themselves – through a systemized methodology of dispatching — while making you at least $10,000+/month from home. 

This course will teach you step by step all the vital aspects of a dispatching business from how to start your LLC to booking your first load. You will learn dispatching terminology, how to use load boards, how to talk to brokers/drivers, handle complex situations, how to attract and convert leads to paying clients, and more. You will have access to exclusive documents such as sample contracts, power of attorney, samples of broker-carrier agreements, rate confirmations, and more. Below is a detailed layout of the course:

1.1. The road that lays ahead

1.1.1. Our main purpose and objective

1.1.2. General housekeeping

1.1.3. Important things to remember going into this

1.1.4. Overview of what this program is about and what we cover

1.1.5. The math to $10,000/mo with the “new model” of dispatching

1.2. Fundamentals First

1.2.1. The anatomy of a dispatching business (Parties Involved)

1.2.2. Common Logistics Terminology

1.2.3. Equipment, Freight, and Logistics Deep Dive

1.3. Setting Up Your Company & Clients

1.3.1. Becoming official – Setting up your legal entity

1.3.2. Branding – Logo, Domain, Website, GSuite

1.3.3. Equipment and Tools You Need

1.3.4. Setting up with your client – Documents, Agreements

1.4. Mindset Training

1.4.1. Developing Monk Like Discipline

2.1. Setting Up Streamlined Systems

2.1.1. Telegram

2.1.2. Calling Sheets

2.1.3. Rate Con Email Format

2.1.4. Load tracking spreadsheet

2.2. Booking Loads

2.2.1. Load Board Deep Dive

2.2.2. Calling Brokers – Information Gathering/Negotiation

2.2.3. Emailing Brokers – Information Gathering/Negotiation

2.2.4. Setting up with Broker – Checking Broker Credit/Carrier Packets

2.2.5. Rate Confirmation and what to look for

2.2.6. Typical Booking Conversation Transcript

2.3. Dispatching Driver

2.3.1. Sending load option to driver/owner

2.3.2. Handling Detention/Layover

2.3.3. Handling Loading/Unloading delays

2.3.4. Obtaining Status Updates and Informing Brokers

2.4. Accounts Receivables – Carrier’s And Yours

2.4.1. Managing Carrier Paperwork

2.4.2. Invoicing Broker/Factoring Company on behalf of your carrier

2.4.3. Billing Your Carrier


3.1. Our Approach To Sales

3.1.1. The illusion of sales

3.1.2. How we convert strangers to paying clients

3.2. Alchemy of Conversion

3.2.1. The science behind converting a total stranger into a high paying client

3.2.2. Before the call – Preparation

3.2.3. Secret Weapon to sales

3.2.4. Calling Script & Handling Objections

3.3. Alchemy Of Client Attraction

3.3.1. Organic Attraction Method – Social Media

3.3.2. Organic Attraction Method – Cold Email

3.3.3. Organic Attraction Method – Cold Calling

3.3.4. Paid attraction methods – Setting Up Ad Campaigns

3.4. Action & Iteration 

3.4.1. Taking Action & Iterating – Only Thing That Matters

3.4.2. Tracking Your Performance

3.4.3. Plotting Your 30 Day Attack

3.4.4. Igniting Your Flame

3.4.5. Generating Feedback & Iterating

Truck Dispatcher Training Sneak Peak

Is This Dispatch Course Right For YOU?

Truck Dispatcher Training Course is a step by step online dispatch training course that is meant to teach you how to start a dispatching company with zero previous knowledge or skill. 

Trucking Dispatch Course Is For You If...

  • You Want To Get Into The Logistics Sector
  • You Want To Help Dispatch Your Spouse And Save Money
  • You Want To Become Your Own Boss And Work Remote
  • You Have A Trucking Company And Want To Train A Dispatcher
  • You Are A Truck Driver Wanting To Dispatch Your Self
  • You Are Interested In Learning More About Dispatching

Achieve Dispatching Nirvana With Truck Dispatcher Training

“The ability to take complete strangers to paying clients and help them make more money than they could have if they dispatched themselves – through a systemized methodology of dispatching — while making you at least $10k/month from home.”

Service Delivery

Learn How To Dispatch Trucks

Client Attraction

Learn How To Attract Truckers

Client Conversion

Learn How To Convert Leads


What if you could build an online business that PAYS YOU
to live the life you've always wanted?

The flexibility to control your own hours. The confidence to to express yourself. And the freedom to choose how you want to live your life – now and tomorrow. 

Introducing Truck Dispatcher Training 2.0, the only truck dispatcher training course proven to bring results to our clients. Not only do you learn the skills and knowledge to become a top dispatcher, but you also learn how to attract and convert clients. In this course, we are all about results. It’s not enough for you to learn how to dispatch, we will teach you how to find truckers and convert them to paying clients.

Finally, the "ALL-IN-ONE" Truck Dispatcher Course that JUST WORKS:

  • Even if… you don’t have any prior dispatching experience
  • Even if… you’re not a world-famous sales expert
  • Even if… you’re overwhelmed with no idea where to start

And it works, even if you’re just getting started in the logistics business or you’ve been at it a while. These cutting-edge, step-by-step instructions, can help you learn dispatching effortlessly, attract prospects who become long-term clients, and of course, rapidly start making money

Truck Dispatcher

"It took me 2 months and I am making $6,000 a month from dispatching"

“It’s all systems, and it just works. I didn’t know much about dispatching, but after taking the course, I realized it’s not all that difficult. It’s all interpersonal communication and just making calls. I learned systems and processes that streamline the dispatching, and it just helped me focus on scaling my business. Within the 1-2 months after taking the course, I started following the scrips and sales methods in the course and landed 4 truckers to do their dispatching for 8%” Now I’m making $6,000 a month and working on hiring an assistant to scale my dispatching business further.”

-Kayla White, Dispatch Company that makes her $6,000+ a month

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Truck Dispatchers Make?

Truck Dispatchers on average can earn $2,000+ per truck per month. For a one-man army, 3-5 can be easily managed. One Man Truck Dispatchers, therefore, can make anywhere from $2,000-$10,000.

What Does A Truck Dispatcher Do?

The main role of an independent truck dispatcher is to book loads, handle the backlog,  coordinate and manage the schedules of truck drivers to ensure that truck drivers are earning the most dollar per mile.

How Many Trucks Can A Dispatcher Handle?

A beginner truck dispatcher can handle anywhere from 2-5 trucks while an expert dispatcher can handle 5-10 trucks solo. 

How To Find Owner Operators To Dispatch?

The Truck Dispatcher Training Course will go over exactly how. to find owner operators to dispatch. You will learn marketing strategies, sales tactics, and more to help you attract and find owner operators to dispatch.  

What Are The Prerequisites Before Taking This Course?

You do not need to have any previous knowledge about the logistics business in order to take this course. No college degree is required. All you need is a computer, writing utensil, and paper to take notes. 

What Do I need To Open A Dispatch Company?

In this course, we will go in-depth on what you need to open a dispatch company. The process is simple. You will need to open an LLC, a business bank account, and get access to load boards to begin dispatching. 

What Will I Learn From This Truck Dispatcher Training Course?

In this dispatch training course, you will gain all the skills and knowledge necessary to start your own dispatch company, attract owner operators, and dispatch trucks. You will learn the basics about the logistics business and learn step-by-step on how to book loads. A lot of time and effort has been put into making this course as simple and streamlined as possible so that anyone can start their dispatching business from anywhere and begin making thousands per month. 

How Much Do I Need To Start A Dispatching Business?

You will need less than $300 to start your dispatching business. However, if you are wanting to scale your operations, your operating costs may be higher. 

Do You Provide Support If I Have Questions After Course Completion? What If I Need Support With My First Client?

We offer full-scale consulting and mentoring. If you need us to review your business or assist with dispatching your first client, we have a full team to help you resolve any questions or issues you may face or help dispatch your clients as a partner. 

Additional Questions?

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Truck Dispatcher Training

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